Duke football: Who is the starting quarterback?

Will Chase Brice be the starting quarterback for Duke football in its game against Virginia Tech on Saturday? We’ll have to see what head coach David Cutcliffe decides this weekend.

Who will be the quarterback?

I still think it’ll be Brice at quarterback this weekend for Duke. He’s turned over the ball seven times in the past two games, and he needs to do something to change it. He needs to throw the ball away when under pressure or if nothing is there. I would much rather see Duke punt the ball than watch opponents start their offensive drives on Duke’s side of the field.

If the offensive line could set up some gaps for the running game to go through, it can make an impact on the game and lift a huge weight off of Brice’s shoulders. The offensive line gave up 10 sacks this year in three games. Brice is going to need some protection as well. A lot of quarterbacks will struggle when they don’t have blocking during the game. However, sacks are a part of the game, and Brice needs to throw it away when under pressure.

Other Quarterbacks

We don’t know much about the other Duke quarterbacks other than what we saw them do last week. Gunnar Holmberg or Chris Katrenick could be the starter for Duke later on this season if Brice’s struggles continue.

Holmberg only played one offensive drive, which ended in a fumble recovered by Virginia. Katrenick went 2 of 3 passing the ball with 40 yards, so not much to go on. Holmberg is only a sophomore, while Brice and Katrenick are juniors. Cutcliffe could possibly be calling one of their numbers in the coming weeks.

What could happen in the future

If Brice continues to struggle, Holmberg could step in the starting quarterback role. Cutcliffe called his number first, and he would have a chance to get experience. Duke would also have another quarterback for the next couple of years if Holmberg works out for them.

Cutcliffe needs to figure out something quickly. He doesn’t need to be fired, but his players need to play better - plain and simple. However, if his players continue to play the same way, people will start to look at the coaching. If Duke continues to lose more games, he might be on the hot seat after the season is over.

Duke now has to try and move on after that horrible performance last week against Virginia. Brice doesn’t need to play hero ball and try to come back all at once. He needs to stay patient and look for who is open. If it isn’t there, throw it away or use your legs. Brice is a running quarterback for a reason. We’ll have to see how they play this Saturday against Virginia Tech.