Bracketology Update: January 26, 2021

I have a new bracketology out because the NFC Championship pissed me off. Anyone else that wasn’t pissed off, good for you. For everyone who threw their hat, a box of matches and plowed out their driveway Sunday evening to blow off steam, this bracket is for you.

ESPN needs to stop airing Duke and Kentucky games. They stink. Neither team is above .500. The Blue Devils and Wildcats aren’t even one of my first 12 teams out. They need so much help to get into the NCAA Tournament, and any other team in their situations would get zero air time. Don’t tell viewers this is the first time since 1961 where Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina have all been unranked and still reward them. Coach K needs to keep his mouth shut when a student reporter asks a typical journalist’s question, but because you suck, you decided to snap at the kid.

To be fair, North Carolina and Michigan State look better than Duke and Kentucky but not by much. Kansas is starting to struggle, but it looks a lot better than all the other blue bloods. Anyone with an ounce of common sense will tell you Duke and Kentucky are awful. North Carolina doesn’t have an identity. Michigan State is struggling and there are at least two other teams in the Big 12 that are better than Kansas.

Obviously Gonzaga and Baylor are the top-two teams. It’s hard to air Big Ten and Big East teams on ESPN when they contract out with Big Ten Network, FOX and CBS. Same goes with the Mountain West, which is a conference that could see four teams in the NCAA Tournament. When you look at tonight’s slate of game, North Carolina vs. Pitt is a lot more intriguing than Duke vs. Georgia Tech. SMU vs. Memphis is a bubble match up. Drake vs. Missouri State is going to be a great game. Bulldogs are undefeated and the Bears have been a consistent top-75 team in the NET at 9-1.

You don’t need to watch Duke and Kentucky. Neither are in position to make the NCAA Tournament and beating them is no longer a good win. Don’t kid yourself and think so just because it’s Duke and Kentucky.

Keep watching good games even if it isn’t your typical blue blood programs.

As always, check us out on the Bracket Matrix.

Pod 1

1 Gonzaga
16 Prairie View A&M/NC A&T

8 Minnesota
9 OK State

5 Missouri
12 Syracuse/Utah State

4 West Virginia
13 UAB

6 Louisville
11 Seton Hall

3 Ohio State
14 Siena

7 Xavier
10 USC

2 Alabama
15 UC Irvine

Pod 4

1 Villanova
16 Texas State

8 Drake
9 Virginia Tech

5 Illinois
12 Toledo

4 Florida State
13 South Dakota State

6 Purdue
11 Stanford

3 Kansas
14 Cleveland State

7 Florida
10 Michigan State

2 Houston
15 Montana State

Pod 2

1 Baylor
16 Long Island/North Alabama

8 San Diego State
9 Clemson

5 Tennessee
12 Winthrop

4 Colorado
13 Colgate

11 Rutgers

3 Virginia
14 Wofford

7 Oklahoma
10 UConn

2 Iowa
15 Northeastern

Pod 3

1 Michigan
16 New Mexico State

8 Boise State

5 Texas Tech
12 Arkansas/St. Bonaventure

4 Creighton
13 Belmont

6 Saint Louis
11 North Carolina

3 Wisconsin

7 Oregon
10 LSU

2 Texas
15 Stephen F. Austin

Last four byes

North Carolina
Seton Hall

Last four in

Utah State
St. Bonaventure

First four out

Western Kentucky

Next four out

Colorado State
Wichita State

Four more

Georgia Tech
Saint Mary’s

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