BREAKING: Canceling the NCAA Tournament is possible

As I scroll through Twitter, I am stunned nobody is reacting to the bad beat I received Wednesday afternoon during the Miami and Clemson game. I had the under, things were looking great until the Hurricanes scored 5 points in literally 2 seconds to kill everything.

Instead of breaking down this critically important topic for my overall well-being and mental health, all anybody tweets about is this coronavirus thing. Everybody is angry at everybody, and I honestly had no idea every person I follow has been an expert on an unknown disease all these years. Fascinating.

Sporting events are being canceled, fans are being barred from games and people are wondering how this will impact the NCAA Tournament. The latest “bombshell” to drop came from this tweet.

There is nothing that sparks conversation quite like an “it’s possible” report.

Breaking news: It’s possible the NCAA Tournament could be canceled.

Breaking news: It’s possible everybody dies tomorrow.

Breaking news: It’s possible I stick to a diet for a full 24 hours.

All are unlikely, but all are possible. Did anybody think it’s physically impossible for a college basketball tournament not to be played?


Also, I’m doing fine now by the way, in case anybody is wondering. I have the under on NC State-Pittsburgh, and things are looking great with a couple minutes left. It’s a tough road back from what I battled though the previous game. Continue to keep me in your thoughts.