Chase Young responds to suspension

Ohio State’s Chase Young is suspended indefinitely and will miss at least this weekend’s game against Maryland (I think the Buckeyes will be fine in that one). On Friday morning, Chase Young took to the Twitter for his first words about the suspension.

Young took a loan from a family friend and since paid it back, he said. In no walk of life is this an issue worthy of discipline except for major college athletics. Great job, NCAA. You’ve done it again.

Quick takeaways

Maryland has to be happy. Its quarterback should be able to live another week. Same with Rutgers the following week. Great timing if this is one- or two-week suspension situation.

First controversy with Ryan Day as the head coach of Ohio State. Welcome to Columbus.

Potential #karma for Nick Bosa quitting Ohio State during the middle of last season?

This could be a blessing in disguise for Chase Young financially if he’s out for the season. Low chance of injury before making millions in the NFL Draft.

No word yet as to whether Ohio State’s win over Wisconsin will be vacated since the Buckeyes were technically playing with an ineligible player. It ain’t over yet, fellow Badger fans. Keep that hope going.