Cincinnati Valentine’s Day post trolls Michigan State

Whatever happened to loving one another on Valentine’s Day? The Cincinnati football account tweeted a special post just for the occasion, but it all started with some good ol’ fashion trollin’ toward Michigan State.

The first image is Luke Fickell with, “I would never FLAKE on you!!” That right there is one last shot across the bow at the Michigan State football program, as if Cincinnati needed to dunk on them even more. After Fickell turned down the Spartans to remain at Cincinnati, Michigan State trustee Brian Mosallum went on the radio and implied Fickell is a waffling flake.

It seems like Fickell at least considered the Michigan State job but he chose to stick with the Bearcats, which isn’t a great sign for the Spartans. This is a program that recently went 5 of 6 seasons with at least 11 wins, competed for Big Ten titles and appeared in the College Football Playoff.

A few years later, the program is at a point where Fickell is choosing to stay at Group of 5 job instead. Cincinnati would be favored over Michigan State right now, and the Bearcats continue to dance on the grave of the Spartans.

Nobody is safe even on Valentine’s Day.

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