Mel Tucker proposed on first date

Did you know Mel Tucker proposed to his wife on the first date? This story has been out there a while, but it’s Valentine’s Day, he’s in the news and you probably don’t know much about him. Not to brag but I have a subscription to The Athletic, so I’m a better sports fan than you.

Not only was it the first date, but Tucker and his now-wife JoEllyn met on a blind date through a mutual friend. The two spoke on the phone and during the date, he asked her to marry him and she accepted, according to the story by the Florida Times Union.

“She was in law school, she was nice looking. I got to know her before we met. She never told me what I wanted to hear. I respect a person who tells you straight.”

Tucker clearly changed his ways since then as commitment issues have been at the forefront the last couple weeks. First he said he didn’t want to go to Michigan State because he committed to Colorado where he had been a head coach for one 5-7 season.

Days later, he’s in East Lansing coaching the Spartans.

I guess the doubling of your salary can lead to a change in your commitment.

As for Tucker and his wife, two are still together and have two teenage kids. Love at first sight is real, folks.

We’ve never met, but I think I’d have the same situation with Bret Bielema.

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