Coach K blames death of Kobe Bryant for tirade

Coach K has a simple explanation for his out-of-control tirade toward the Duke’s Cameron Crazies student section during Wednesday night’s game against Pittsburgh.

Kobe Bryant died. Really.

Mike Krzyzewski had a surprise speech for Duke students camping out for tickets to explain the death of Kobe Bryant was part of the reason he lost his mind, repeatedly screaming for them to shut up before walking over to scold the entire student section. This is all despite not knowing that it was a positive chant toward Pittsburgh head coach Jeff Capel, who is a former Duke player and assistant coach.

“Once I heard his name, I’m not going to go say, ‘Will you please tell me exactly what you’re doing?’” Krzyzewski said during the press conference. Instead, he decided to yell at everybody and act like a complete lunatic.

Kobe Bryant’s death affected sports fans everywhere when we heard the devastating news on Sunday. You probably teared up, followed the news coverage on whatever device was available in one of the more somber days in sports history. You probably didn’t scream at a group of college kids for chanting positive things toward the opponents’ coach though.

I get mad at college kids all the time. In fact, will often tweet “I hate college kids” on a fairly regular basis, and it’s because they cost me money when I bet on them. Like a mature adult, I sit alone at my apartment swearing at the TV, start throwing things across the room when these college kids don’t do what I expect. Very healthy.

You know what I don’t do?

I don’t confront hundreds of students, who undoubtedly shit themselves while the king of college hoops verbally tears them apart limb by limb. You can see it on these kids’ faces.

What you saw there was a group of individuals who just pooped their pants.

What happens when he confronts Oregon’s Dillon Brooks? He lies about it until video comes out showing him to be a liar.

Remember earlier this season when Duke lost to Stephen F. Austin as 28.5-point favorites? A few days later, Coach K made sure everybody knew the Blue Devils lost that one in part because he wasn’t feeling well. No way he brings that up if Duke wins in a blowout.

There is an excuse for anything that shows any sort of imperfection for Coach K, and the death of Kobe Bryant is the latest example.