Controversy arises in Pitino WrestleMania bet

We have Pitino-on-Pitino Wrestlemania controversy.

Iona head coach Rick Pitino and Minnesota’s Richard Pitino went back and forth on Twitter talkin’ WrestleMania 36 before the event aired Saturday and Sunday night. Eventually, father offered son a bet if Brock Lesnar won his fight against Drew McIntyre, Minnesota would travel to play Iona next season.

Richard countered the bet, reversing it Iona traveling to Minnesota if Lesnar won since Lesnar is a Gopher.

And that’s where it ended. There was no agreement from Rick that he took the other side, but if we’re using Richard’s tweet as the final word, Rick is the winner as McIntyre won as a -190 favorite.

Also, couldn’t Rick think of a name that isn’t so similar to his with Richard? My brain is far too small for this not to lead to confusion. Jimmy Pitino has a good ring to it.

As a self-proclaimed commissioner on stupid bets, I’m not sure I’m giving Rick the benefit of the doubt here without agreeing to the new bet publicly. By not responding, he could use the “I didn’t see it” excuse if his bet lost. Instead, his side won and he claimed victory, meaning Minnesota should be heading to New York for a game against Iona next season.

A lot needs to be sorted out before that happens. Was there an agreement offline? No handshakes should be performed during coronavirus times, but we need one of them to release the texts if they exist.

I considered reaching out to both parties for comment but never got around to it.

Deceptive Speed’s investigation is ongoing.

Photo credit: Minnesota Athletic Communications