Coronavirus active cases by Power 5 conference

The debate for conference supremacy returns with the coronavirus rankings among the college football’s Power 5 conferences. The active cases numbers were compiled looking at the Worldometers coronavirus report, which is a pretty fascinating site to check throughout the day for coronavirus data for the United States and the entire world.

We tallied the votes by active cases from each conference, and there’s no perfect system with different amount of teams and states that represent each conference. Also we lumped all schools that reside in the same conference and state into one number. For example in the ACC North Carolina, Duke, North Carolina State and Wake Forest are all in the state of North Carolina, so we lumped them all into one category.

Numbers are of April 6 at 8:00 a.m. CST.


States (9): South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia

Syracuse: 106,672
Boston College: 12,259
Miami/Florida State: 12,029
Pittsburgh: 11,284
Georgia Tech: 6,492
Virginia/Virginia Tech: 2,584
Duke/North Carolina/NC State/Wake Forest: 2,552
Clemson: 2,005
Louisville: 604

Active cases: 156,481

Big 10

States (11): Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska

Rutgers: 36,496
Michigan/Michigan State: 15,057
Penn State: 11,284
Illinois/Northwestern: 10,932
Indiana/Purdue: 4,270
Ohio State: 3,924
Maryland: 3,383
Wisconsin: 2,197
Iowa: 778
Minnesota: 455
Nebraska: 355

Active Cases: 89,131


States (11): Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas

LSU: 12,483
Florida: 12,029
Georgia: 6,492
Texas A&M: 6,273
Tennessee/Vanderbilt: 3,294
Missouri: 2,306
South Carolina: 2,005
Auburn/Alabama: 1,776
Ole Miss/Mississippi State: 1,595
Arkansas: 724
Kentucky: 604

Active cases: 49,581


States (6): Oregon, California, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Colorado

UCLA/USC/Cal/Stanford: 13,159
Washington/Washington State: 7,022
Colorado: 4,770
Arizona/Arizona State: 2,185
Utah: 1,586
Oregon/Oregon State: 1,041

Active cases: 29,763

Big 12

States (5): Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, West Virginia

Texas/Baylor/TCU/Texas Tech: 6,237
Oklahoma/Oklahoma State: 823
Iowa State: 778
Kansas/Kansas State: 725
West Virginia: 321

Active cases: 8,920

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