Is Oklahoma football a Playoff team in 2020?

Oklahoma football and Lincoln Riley have had no trouble getting to the College Football Playoff. The question is, do the Sooners get in again for a fourth year in a row? If they do get in, will the Sooners finally get their first Playoff win?

If Oklahoma wins the Big 12 for the sixth straight time, it 100% deserves to be in the Playoff. Since 2016, Oklahoma has been in the playoffs three times with all the same outcomes, some more heartbreaking than others. For example, the 2018 game against Georgia was by far OU’s most heartbreaking loss in recent times. The next two years, OU got blown out by Alabama and LSU.

This year, this unprecedented, unpredictable season set the stage for the Sooners to surprise everyone. With a continuously improving defense and a young but very strong offense under Riley, Oklahoma could get that first Playoff win. Yes, it requires the Sooners to dominate the Big 12 against strong, veteran teams like Texas and Oklahoma State. Those games will decide if the Sooners are worthy of a fourth Playoff appearance.

Here’s a look at my predictions for the College Football Playoff and take a look at some teams Oklahoma might be competing against.

Ohio State

With the Big Ten making its return, Ohio State will undoubtedly be in the Playoff with Justin Fields under center and that strong, solid defense of theirs. Last year, I believe Ohio State should have won its game against Clemson but let it slip through its fingers, so this year is a revenge tour, proving to everyone that the Buckeyes deserved that game and will be back.


Clemson with Trevor Lawrence and that high-powered offense and swarming defense will have no trouble in the ACC. The Tigers may have their usual one bad game against a team they should be beating by 40-plus but will still more than likely go undefeated. Out of the remaining power conferences, ACC is by far the weakest from top to bottom but with Notre Dame as a new addition, this could be trouble in paradise for Clemson. The Tigers’ non-conference games are also against teams like The Citadel every year. If I had to pick a team to win it all, Clemson is the defending national champion with a Heisman quarterback whose road to the Playoff in the past was not entirely difficult until the it started.


Lets face it, Nick Saban is not going anywhere. Even last year against LSU when Tua Tagovailoa went down, Mac Jones came in and made it a game. Alabama lost quite a few important pieces on offense and defense to the NFL. It still has Nick Saban as the head coach, and its recruiting has not gone anywhere. Alabama will still be a team to beat that is very disciplined and organized on both sides of the field. This might be the most unpredictable Alabama team we have seen in the past couple years. Nevertheless, I would not go against Nick Saban making the Playoff again.


The three previous teams are locks for the Playoff. Alabama definitely has by far the toughest schedule to get there, but that is what always makes the Tide so good. Here’s the thing though. That fourth spot is wide open for the Playoff, and Oklahoma will be the team. If there is anyone that everyone is sick and tired of watching in the Playoff, its Oklahoma. This puts a chip on every players’ shoulder to prove everyone wrong. Making it to the big stage is one thing, but getting the win is another. If Oklahoma reaches that fourth spot, I could see an upset over whoever the No. 1 seed is like the 2014 Sugar Bowl against Alabama. All you need is that one game. This could be that year for the young Sooner squad.