LSU Football: Myles Brennan update

After sitting out of last week’s game against South Carolina, quarterback Myles Brennan may need some more time to heal his torn abdomen muscle again this week as he looks to return to play for LSU football. Taking it day-by-day seems to be his only option right now.

If Brennan is healthy by this Saturday, you best believe he will be back on the field but coach Ed Orgeron said, “I’m not putting him in if he’s not 100%.”

While TJ Finley showed a phenomenal performance, fans sure miss their starting quarterback. If he cannot play this weekend, he will most likely be fully healed for Week 7.

Aside from his injury, Brennan has shown a lot of progress since the beginning of the season, and he can only improve from here. Once he is fully healed, he will definitely come back better than ever and continue to progress as the season goes on.

What Brennan brings to the table

It cannot be easy to replace one of the greatest quarterbacks in college football, but Brennan seems to do a pretty good job at it. As we have seen in the last few games, Brennan has a lot of talent and offers a lot to the LSU football program as a first-year starter.

Brennan said he feels very comfortable with the playbook. In just the last three games, he has completed 60% of his passes. Brennan has thrown for 1,112 yards with 11 touchdowns and three interceptions, which is extremely impressive.

If he continues to play as well as he has for the rest of the season, there is no doubt that Brennan can lead LSU to victory in the end. In an interview, Orgeron said, “Brennan is playing as good as I hoped he would.”

This shows fans that Orgeron is confident in his quarterback and has high hopes for him this season and next.

Brennan as a student-athlete

Surely, it cannot be easy being a student-athlete, but Brennan seems to have a pretty good balance between the two. He is currently taking online courses because of COVID-19, which allows him to stay off campus and away from what could expose him and the rest of the football players.

When it comes to being an athlete for LSU, Brennan knew from the beginning he would have to fight for a starting position.

In an interview, he explained, “I have to earn that position, but I wasn’t going to let any challenges get in the way and make me crumble.” He also said, “Everyday, I wake up and tell myself to win the day and be the best I can.”

Chances of getting drafted into NFL

It is possible that in a couple of years, Brennan could be seen by NFL scouts. He is a tremendous athlete and with more practice and more confidence under his belt, Brennan could help his stock at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Until then, LSU fans will continue to cheer him on as the season continues and watch him grow as both a student and an athlete.

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