Meet Kansas State football writer Christian Horn

My name is Christian Horn. I’m a senior journalism and sports media and communications double major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and I’ll be covering Kansas State football for Deceptive Speed.

I was born in Nebraska on St. Patrick’s Day 1999, and I’m the oldest of three siblings. Before I started first grade, we moved to Red Oak, Iowa. Red Oak is a small town in Southwest Iowa located about 45 minutes from Omaha. Much of my family still lives in Nebraska, so the region has always felt like home.

Unlike some journalism students, I don’t have any dream job with a given company. However, I do know I’d like to work in the sports journalism industry in some fashion. Sports have long been a passion of mine, almost for as long as I can remember.

I grew up born and raised a Husker fan for all collegiate athletics, but my professional sports fandom varies. The NBA is my least-favorite of the pro sports leagues, though I carried a mild interest in the San Antonio Spurs while they had Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. My favorite NFL team is the Carolina Panthers, largely because Steve Smith is my favorite player of all time — thank you very much for cutting him so he didn’t retire a lifetime Panther, David Gettleman — and Christian McCaffrey is my favorite player in the league currently. The Atlanta Braves are my favorite MLB team partially because my dad likes them and partially because Chipper Jones was my favorite player.

While I thoroughly enjoy watching professional sports, I don’t think anything can beat collegiate athletics. College football is my favorite sport, while my favorite sporting event is the NCAA Tournament, which is very appropriately nicknamed “March Madness.” Something about the passion of the players, coaches and rabid fanbases alike at the collegiate level just speaks to me.

Both of my top sports memories come from the collegiate level. In 2008, I attended the Nebraska-Colorado football game with family and watched as Alex Henery drained a school-record 57-yard field goal to put the Huskers up for good. I also attended the final College World Series game ever played in Rosenblatt Stadium with my brother, dad and one of my best friends. While I watch and enjoy all sports, I prefer collegiate athletics to their professional counterparts.

I also enjoy playing sports, though I am basically the opposite of athletically gifted. During my high school career, I played on both the golf and bowling teams. Additionally, golfing is one of my favorite hobbies, though I am admittedly not very good at it.

I grew up a die-hard Nebraska fan, so I’m most familiar with Big Ten football currently. However, I still try to keep up with the Huskers’ old conference rivals in the Big 12. Kansas State in particular carries a slight personal connection, as one of my second cousins completed her undergraduate studies there.

I look forward to covering Kansas State football for Deceptive Speed, even in a crazy season like this one. Hopefully, you’re all equally excited to come along for the ride.