Meet North Carolina football writer Jack McFarland

north carolina football

Hi everyone, I’m Jack and I’m currently a junior at the University of Iowa studying Sports Journalism. Due to the Big Ten’s decision to postpone or cancel this season (who really knows at this point), I have picked up the University of North Carolina beat. When I was offered any choice of school to cover, UNC football had been on my radar ever since Mack Brown resurrected his career from retirement, put a hold on all his ESPN cameos and took that tough Texas Longhorn mentality to Chapel Hill. Who wouldn’t want to cover that?

When I’m not sitting in my house in Iowa City hopping in and out of Zoom calls all day, I’m back in Illinois in a south suburb of Chicago called Frankfort. If there’s live sports on, I’m probably tuned in no matter the sport or league. The pandemic brought me a newfound sense of appreciation for sports like everyone else has felt.

I’m excited for what this upcoming season will bring us. I don’t think anyone has any clue what will really happen when it is all said and done. Will there be conference champs crowned? I’m not sure. What about a national champ? I highly doubt that. Will UNC have another crazy comeback against choke job South Carolina? Odds are UNC won’t even need to comeback on South Carolina this year. Point being this season is bound to be full of surprises and features that we’ve never experienced before.

That’s the beauty of college football. The ability to make any season a magical and exciting one for everyone involved. No matter if you’re a student at the university, an alumni grasping at the last memories of youth, or just someone interested in sports, there’s a place for everyone in college football to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I look forward to the rest of this season because college football is in my opinion one of the best manifestations of passion in our country today.