Meet Michigan State football, basketball writer Eric Billeter

Spartan Nation, my name is Eric Billeter. I am a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Strategic Advertising. You’re probably wondering, “Eric, why didn’t you GO to MSU?” The answer, out of state tuition. However, I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to write with Deceptive Speed about my beloved Michigan State Spartans.

Some of my fondest memories involve sports, more specifically, Spartan football and basketball. I’ve sat outside Spartan stadium and watched the team come across the bridge while the band plays. I’ve been to Michigan-Michigan State games. I’ve been in the nose bleed sections at the Breslin Center to watch the great Tom Izzo, and I’ve fed the ducks on the Red Cedar. Both of my parents, my uncle, aunt and a cousin attended MSU. I have been surrounded by “Sparty” literally since I was born, so I do bleed green.

My parents have always stressed to both my brother and I, that we should follow a passion. They explained that if we found that passion, and if we could support ourselves with that passion, then we would be very fortunate. That’s easier said than done, so I figured I’d start with a realistic goal, namely getting an internship! If I could do one that fell in line with my interests, wouldn’t that be close on a smaller scale? So, I submitted a letter of interest to Deceptive Speed to write about the Spartans. Goal achieved.

Then COVID. What the ……Okay, now I have to write about my beloved Spartans, but they’re not playing sports. Needless to say, I have a HUGE learning curve. I am really going to have to be pretty creative, but I hope to put out some things that are interesting, insightful and hopefully informative. I’m not in Michigan, we have to be socially distant, and Spartan Football is on standby. Hang on, guys. This might be interesting.