Meet Clemson football writer Sam Teets


Good morning ladies, gentlemen, and South Carolina fans. My name is Sam Teets, and I’m taking over the Clemson beat for Deceptive Speed. It’ll be an honor to chronicle Clemson’s fourth football national championship season for you over the next several months.

I’m a senior sports communication and history double major entering my final semester at Clemson University. Just remember, I may be laughing at your football team for losing now, but you can laugh at me in a few months when I’m making under four figures despite having two degrees.

I’ve written for other sports websites and have accumulated over 180,000 monthly views in the past. My primary areas of focus were the NFL and NBA, but you tend to learn a lot about college football at Clemson. I didn’t come here for the soccer, although our school is really good at that too.

As for how I decided to go to Clemson despite being from New Jersey, it’s Jersey. Clemson was coming off an incredible national championship title while Rutgers had just gone 2-10 and still charged an arm and a leg for in-state tuition. So, I did what most reasonable people would do. I packed my bags, moved 12 hours down the East Coast, said goodbye to shoveling snow forever and became a frontrunner.

On a more serious note, we’re going to have a lot of fun this season. I hope you stick around for the ride and check back in every few days for new articles and updates, or you can follow me on Twitter @Sam_Teets33 for the latest sports news.