Oklahoma football: 5-star QB commit Caleb Williams moves to Norman

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With high school football in Washington, D.C. being postponed to the spring, five-star Oklahoma Sooners quarterback commit Caleb Williams made the move to Norman, Oklahoma for good to start integrating into the Oklahoma football program. This is according to his blog for Sports Illustrated.

Hearing of a commit coming in the spring before his freshman year is something pretty common if he is a high ranked prospect. However, it is not very common that you hear of a commit going to his future college as early as the fall before the freshman year.

However, the decision that Williams made to come this early in the year was not an easy one to make. The Washington, D.C. area making the decision to postpone its football season to the spring made it difficult for Williams to be able to play his senior season and report to the Sooner spring camp at the same time.

With such high ratings across all college prospect boards, it is pretty clear Williams is hoping to clinch the starting quarterback spot right out of the gate, which ultimately led to his decision to move halfway across the country earlier this week.

Just recently arriving in Norman, Williams has already expressed his excitement about being on campus working with both head coach Lincoln Riley as well as his new teammates.

“Now it’s time to get it on and intensify my work in the lab. Get more creative and specialized. Increasing the workouts and intensity over the next few months. Preparing myself mentally and physically before I get to that point where I officially can be enrolled at Oklahoma. Before I can be in the meeting room, on the field, in the workouts, preparing for the national championships we’re focused on winning over the next few years,” Williams said in his SI article.

Having a quarterback like Williams coming to work with the team this early is huge for the Sooners in multiple ways. Posing a threat to Spencer Rattler could not only prove the Sooners have multiple QBs to pose as a threat, but Williams’ presence could also push Rattler further into the leadership position that he currently should be holding.

We should see Williams on the official 2021-22 Oklahoma football roster next year.

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