Saturday Bracketology 2/1/2020

It’s a new month. We’re already a month into conference season. The 1 seeds did some changing in January, but like I said last week, these four have a good chance at staying for a while. It’s the first time in a while where all four have remained the same in consecutive weeks. Gonzaga only has three more threats. At Saint Mary’s, at BYU and Saint Mary’s at home. The only threats Kansas has outside of Baylor is at West Virginia and at Texas Tech. Baylor has just Kansas at home and West Virginia on the road. San Diego State will be favored in every game until the NCAA Tournament.

The Big Ten once again has 12 teams in, but the ice is getting pretty thin for Purdue and Minnesota. The Boilermakers and Golden Gophers both have 10 losses and are under 1 in my adjusted winning percentage. By the time you read this, Wisconsin will have its 10th loss as well. Even if it’s before the game.

There were only a few automatic bids that changed this week. Only two teams fell out. It felt like a slow week. Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch a whole lot of basketball from being sick and working. But there weren’t that many changes. One thing that stands out to me this weekend. Tulsa has a chance at securing the automatic bid in the American. The Golden Hurricane needs to beat Wichita State at home and then Cincinnati beats Houston at home.

Starting in February, we will have an updated Bracketology twice a week on Saturday and Wednesday mornings. If my in-laws leave at a reasonable time and there aren’t any major plans, I’ll enjoy a day of basketball with the rest of you. Nonetheless I’ll be tuned in for the West Coast games. Make sure you check us out and everyone else on the Bracket Matrix. It’s growing each week.


  1. Baylor
  2. Robert Morris/Norfolk State

  3. Wisconsin

  4. Rhode Island

  5. Marquette

  6. Yale

  7. Auburn

  8. New Mexico State

  9. Penn State

  10. Florida

  11. Villanova

  12. William & Mary

  13. Arizona

  14. Texas Tech

  15. Michigan State

  16. Austin Peay


  1. Kansas
  2. Monmouth/Prairie View A&M

  3. Ohio State

  4. Mississippi State

  5. LSU

  6. UNCG

  7. Butler

  8. Stephen F. Austin

  9. Wichita State

  10. Virginia/Purdue

  11. Maryland

  12. Colgate

  13. Colorado

  14. VCU

  15. Louisville

  16. Bowling Green


  1. Gonzaga
  2. South Dakota State

  3. Arkansas

  4. Indiana

  5. Creighton

  6. Minnesota/Oklahoma

  7. Florida State

  8. Vermont

  9. Rutgers

  10. Northern Iowa

  11. West Virginia

  12. Little Rock

  13. Kentucky

  14. USC

  15. Dayton

  16. UC Irvine


  1. San Diego State
  2. Eastern Washington

  3. Houston

  4. Michigan

  5. Illinois

  6. Liberty

  7. Seton Hall

  8. North Texas

  9. Iowa

  10. Alabama

  11. Oregon

  12. Wright State

  13. BYU

  14. Stanford

  15. Duke

  16. Winthrop


Last four byes

Texas Tech

Last four in


First four out

NC State
Saint Mary’s

Next four out

Virginia Tech

Photo courtesy of Maryland Athletics