Texas basketball vs. Baylor postponed

Texas basketball against Baylor was going to be one of the biggest games of the season for both teams. The game that is set for Sunday is now being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the seeds of these teams, this game has major Big 12 standings implications.

Texas basketball

Despite a close loss to Villanova on Dec. 6, this team has played relatively well. The offense looks good so far and doesn’t turn over the ball that often. However, the defense could use a little work. The Longhorns don’t force that many steals, and that can be crucial in close games. Longhorn guards and leading scorers, Matt Coleman III and Courtney Ramey led the way against Villanova, but not much help came from anywhere else. Fortunately for Texas, it was able to bounce back with an easy win over Texas state.

This postponement may be beneficial for the Longhorns. They have a few more games to try and find someone who can step up and take on a bigger offensive role. It must be one of these big men who can rebound the ball and put it back in the hoop consistently. This results in Texas having more of a presence in the paint and can spread out the floor for its shooters on the team. As a result of the postponement, Kansas is now the next ranked game for the Longhorns. They need to figure out these little simple mistakes, so they have a chance to beat the Jayhawks.

Baylor basketball

Kansas and Baylor are the Longhorns’ toughest opponents this season. Baylor is ranked No. 2 along with No. 5 Kansas, both are Big 12 favorites this year. Texas can be one of those sneaky teams that will stay under the radar, then surprise you when least expected. Baylor has many capable scorers on its team this year. As of now, this team has five players that average double figures in points. Baylor’s scoring led by guards Jared Butler and Adam Flagler. On paper, it shows that Texas is nearly at that level of play. It just needs to find that second gear to be on the level of both Baylor and Kansas. They do that, you are going to have a very exciting end to the basketball regular season.

Looking forward

The Longhorns get a few extra days to focus on getting better as a team and fix the mistakes. Before they play Kansas, they have an intriguing matchup with Oklahoma State in a couple of weeks. The Cowboys may be unranked as of this moment, but they’re also undefeated. This makes them dangerous and the Longhorns shouldn’t underestimate them.

Despite the one loss against Villanova, Texas was in it for a majority of the game. This team has the talent to contend in the Big 12 against Kansas and Baylor. The Longhorns need to fix those minor mistakes, makes adjustments and play better defense overall. Finding that second gear will be crucial in determining how successful this season will be.

Photo courtesy of Baylor Athletics