Texas football vs. Kansas State preview

david abiara

Texas football lost against Iowa State last week. This confirmed the best it can do this season is a bowl game. The Longhorns just have to focus on these last two games now and get the best outcome possible. This Saturday, they matchup against Kansas State.

Texas offense

This high-powered offense hasn’t looked the same as it once did at the beginning of the season. The defense got a lot better, but somehow the offense couldn’t meet up to the expectations. Sam Ehlinger looked different. This could have been from lingering effects from taking hits this whole season or putting the weight of the team on his shoulders. He’s the last person to blame for the Longhorns failures. He was the starting quarterback, their leader and the leading rusher as well. I put their struggles on the head coach. Tom Herman has not put this team in a position to succeed, and he needs to go.

Texas defense

This defense played well this past Saturday. Many expected the game to be high scoring, and it turned out to be very defense oriented. This defense should not struggle at all with Kansas State. A few weeks ago, the Wildcats looked like a real threat. Now they have a losing record and Texas should win this game. This defense should force turnovers in this one. The Longhorns are expected to win this one, they just can’t afford to play down to the competition.

Kansas State offense

The Wildcats have done a total 360 compared to where they were at the start of the season. That is a result of being without starting quarterback Skylar Thompson. However, just because they look like an easy opponent doesn’t mean the Longhorns should underestimate them. Last Saturday in a close loss to Baylor, Deuce Vaughn ran for over 100 yards. The Longhorns have faced struggling quarterbacks for a good part of the season, and this game is no different. The plan remains the same for the defense, force the opposing quarterback to beat you. The Longhorns did a really good job of that until last week. The defense needs to put all the pressure on Will Howard to beat them this Saturday.

Kansas State defense

There are a few players that the Longhorn offensive line have to be aware of, mainly defensive end Wyatt Hubert, who has over seven sacks this season so far. He also does a good job of getting the ball loose with two forced fumbles this season. In terms of corners and safeties, they haven’t forced too many turnovers. However, Ehlinger needs to keep an eye on two defensive backs, Jahron McPherson and Justin Gardner, both have two interceptions each this season.

Texas football should win this game, but many times this season it plays down to its competition. The Longhorns still have a chance to reach a good bowl game, they just need to win out in order to do it. Once a that is over, then that will be the time to answer all the questions about this team and their future.