The rise of Notre Dame football

Notre Dame football could possibly be at its prime right now. Coming off a huge win against Clemson, the Irish are looking stronger than ever. Earlier this season, Notre Dame seemed to be struggling to find the right groove. Teams such as Louisville gave the Irish a challenge, which was shocking to many. The potential of Notre Dame was questioned by college football fans early on, as some wondered if it had the ability to beat top notch teams like Clemson. After a long waiting game, the answer is now clear. Notre Dame football is indeed legit.

The Argument

The argument that Trevor Lawrence would have made a bigger impact against Notre Dame is valid and I will not deny it. A talented quarterback to say the least, Lawrence probably would have made better plays in time of pressure. Especially in overtime, D.J. Uiagalelei seemed overwhelmed and could not scan the field fast enough to complete a pass. Granted, that will come with experience, as Uiagalelei is a true freshman and has just started his collegiate career.

The Climb

Regardless of the argument, the Irish proved their legitimacy on the field. Clemson was the No. 1 team in the nation. It was the team to beat. If the Irish were not strong enough to beat the Tigers, it would have shown. Notre Dame portrayed poise and control, as it held the lead for almost the entirety of the game. Even after Ian Book‘s fumble in the late third quarter, the Irish understood what was at stake and never lost sight of it. That is what I call a well trained football team.

Now, the Irish have climbed up to No. 2 in the country. They knocked Clemson down to No. 4, a spot they had been calling home for the last two weeks. The spot that Notre Dame is in right now is extremely promising, and the journey has just begun.

The Rising Stars

Book has been one of those players that has received criticism throughout the season. He has some good days, but they are evened out with bad days. I was nervous about how he would play against Clemson, but I am here today to say I am impressed. Finishing the game with 310 yards, Book gave his best performance and carried leadership when it was most necessary. I am excited to see how Book does in the rest of the season, as I feel he has more to give to Notre Dame football.

Kyren Williams deserves an applause for his exceptional overtime performance. Game after game, this sophomore continues to display exquisite technique and is absolutely on route to be one of Notre Dame’s star players for the next two years. For the rest of the season, my eye will be on Williams to see just how much he can give to the Irish.

Liam Eichenberg also deserves an honorable mention. The fifth year from Cleveland was able to control the blitzes from the Tigers defense and calm the abrupt storm. As Clemson quickly surveyed Notre Dame’s routes and made adjustments, Eichenberg had to take the role as leader and quickly shift to the appropriate direction to protect Book.

As these three players are on the rise, the entire Irish roster has a lot more to give. The road to the College Football Playoff is straight ahead. Notre Dame football needs to remain strong and keep its eye on the prize.

Photo by The Observer