We love the Kansas-Kansas State fight

We just had ourselves a good ol’ fashion, bare-knuckled brawl in the Sunflower State on Tuesday night between Kansas and Kansas State basketball. Innocent bystanders got caught in the fray with cheerleaders and other non-basketball playing folks getting involved. We had a dude wielding a chair WWE style. It was an absolute scene.

And guess what? We absolutely loved it.

Remember in high school or middle school you’d see a couple fellas or ladies dukin’ it out in the cafeteria? It was awesome, and the topic took over the entire school in a matter of minutes. We have a series on our website called Fans Fighting Fans, and it gets tons of views on the website. Here’s a group of Cubs fans goin’ at it.

Humans love watching humans fighting humans and anybody who says they don’t is a liar. We’ve created multiple sports built on this idea. There is not one person who saw this clip come up on their phones or whatever device, turned it off said, “I just can’t watch this.”

Media members will say they hate when this happens and they’re not being truthful, but it’s okay because people have gotten fired for saying the opposite. Here’s a look at some of the immediate tweets after the Kansas-Kansas State scrum.

Awful. Ugly. Embarrassing. Awful scene. Terrible. Disgusting. Gross. Media say they’re not entertained, but they’re lying and not a good representation of the common sports fan. I scribbled out the capital J on my journalism card because Deceptive Speed is the most trusted source in the business as men of the people.

This is the most coverage college basketball received all season long, and I don’t even know what would come in second in a story-less year of amateur hoops. More people are going to read, watch and listen to opinions from this Kansas-Kansas State fight all day long.

I would think Silvio De Sousa sits out the rest of the season, as he should, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t an entertaining watch.