West Coast tournament gambling preview

Deceptive Speed will break down every single conference tournament from a gambling perspective the day each tourney starts. You’ve lost quite a bit of money this month in the past whether it’s food, drinks, gambling or bracket pools. The goal for 2020 is to make you some money in March for the first time in your entire life.

It’s day three of conference tourney season, and next up is the West Coast tournament. Let’s get after it.

The Bracket

The Bracketology

Deceptive Speed Bracketology shows Gonzaga as a #1 seed with BYU entering as a fifth seed. Saint Mary’s currently stands as a #9 seed. Everybody else might want to win the West Coast tournament if they’re interested in participating in the NCAA Tournament.

The Odds

Gonzaga -435
BYU +450
Saint Mary’s +700
Pacific +5000
Santa Clara +6000
San Francisco +9000
Pepperdine +10000
Loyola Marymount/Portland/San Diego +20000

The Suck

If you make the decision to bet Loyola Marymount, Portland or San Diego, you could turn a $10 bet to $2,000.

The Bet

Everybody thinks Gonzaga will be the West Coast tournament champion at a ridiculous -435 odds. If you want to bet that, go right ahead because there is no payout. If you bet $10, you’ll receive $2.30 in return. That’s no way to invest. That’s no way to get rich. That’s no way to live life.

I’m mining for winners this March, but most importantly I’m seeking out value. The value play is going with BYU. The Cougars have won 9 straight including a double-digit win over Gonzaga. If you can get a team with that recent of a history with one of the most exciting coaches in college basketball with Mark Pope AND a value of +450, that’s where the money should go. Let’s all behave this postseason, BYU. Don’t need anybody getting suspended.