Why NCAA’s eligibility rule is a plus for Miami football

With so much uncertainty this year regarding COVID-19, I am glad to look on the brighter side of things and finally say FOOTBALL IS BACK! But with new terms this season. With the postponement of the Big Ten conference and cancellation of the Pac-12, we also see players deciding to sit out. One notable player opting out is Miami football standout defensive end Gregory Rousseau, who led the ACC with 15.5 sacks (almost 1.2 sacks per game). He was named All-ACC First Team and awarded ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year. Tough loss for the Hurricanes but next man up.

With the ACC agreeing to kickoff this month, the NCAA approved all fall sport athletes to gain a year of eligibility. I was shocked when I got the news about this new change, and I think it was a great move by the NCAA. For the majority of collegiate conferences, the show must go on. Players are going out there to put their health on the line for the game they love. And this decision for an extra year of eligibility is quite rewarding. Overall I don’t see how this could be anything else but positive for college football. I’ve seen how it could “affect NCAA stat records if players have played five years,” but are we worried more about statistical records or the wellbeing of the athletes?

What does this mean for the Hurricanes? Well it gives them a chance to test the waters with certain players. While the rule is already out that a player can play up to four games and not burn any eligibility, it makes for more of a competition in the position rooms. Not only for the seniors that may not get much playing time can come back and get it together, possibly the next season, or coaches making adjustments on the depth chart, but also a chance to plug and play some guys like running backs Jaylon Knighton and Don Chaney. Or a young receiver that seems to be turning heads in practice such as Xavier Restrepo.

And most importantly this gives coaches a chance to test some guys at the bottom of the depth charts by loading up the special teams unit.

Overall, coming off a 6-7 record last season, I think every fan is excited to see Hurricane football back with a clean slate and a fresh chase for the championship and a whole lot of turnover chain! So see you all at kickoff this evening!