Seven ways to improve soccer in America

Forgive me for what you're about to read, but I struggle to get into watching soccer on television. Maybe I'll watch one USA game during the World Cup but like a lot of Americans, it just doesn't get me going quite like football does. The main comment from the soccer snob

Fans Fighting Fans: Stanley Cup

If you find a good fan fight when you're at a game, please record it and send it on over to Deceptive Speed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email to be on the next edition of Fans Fighting Fans. We'll have a full breakdown and analysis of each and

Big 10/ACC Challenge matchups

I for one absolutely love the Big 10/ACC Challenge. It's a fantastic few days I look forward to every college basketball season. Does it matter a whole lot when we get to March? Probably not, but any time you can get conferences battling for supremacy, it's a good time for

Alcohol in SEC stadiums: 5 thoughts

Recently the conference announced it will allow teams to sell alcohol in SEC stadiums during athletic events in time for football season this fall. Some teams will take advantage of this (LSU: obviously), while some are not interested (Alabama: where fun goes to die). The SEC is the only conference

NBA Draft Big Board: Top 100 post-deadline

The final numbers are in. Eighty-seven underclassmen declared for the NBA Draft. That doesn't include international players and guys that ran out of eligibility. Only 60 are getting drafted. As far as we know, the NBA isn't likely to expand the draft to three rounds, so it won't be happening

College basketball will never die

College basketball has been dragged through the mud the last few weeks, and it's time to defend the future of our fantastic sport. Yes, RJ Hampton decided to play in New Zealand instead of playing one year at Kansas. Yes, 87 underclassmen entered a NBA Draft that involves 60 players.

A vicious attack on the golf course

Last Saturday morning marked my first time on the golf course in 2019. I went into it ready for a solid experience - just smack the ball around a little bit, hope for a bogey at some point and leave happy. What I expected to be a fun-filled day on