Alan Griffin learned stomping isn’t allowed anymore

Apparently there’s this new rule where you’re not allowed to stomp on players laying on the ground? It’s news to everybody including Illinois guard Alan Griffin, who stepped on Purdue’s Sasha Stefanovic on Tuesday night. It’s a shame Griffin had his moment stolen by the Kansas-Kansas State fight the exact same night.

Griffin received a flagrant-2 foul and was tossed in the first half and now gets a two-game suspension, but it didn’t used to be this way.

Remember “The Shot” from Christian Laettner? Remember “The Stomp” from earlier in that game? Laettner was given a technical foul and remained in the game to hit the buzzer beater in the 1992 national title over Kentucky.

Fun fact: I once interviewed Christian Laettner back when I was a journalist with a capital J. He’s the most famous person in my cellphone with Jerry “The King” Lawler coming in second.

Anyways, both of these plays remind me of last year when Minnesota’s Jordan Murphy stomped on Brad Davison’s foot last season. No ejection. No technical.

Where was the punishment then? Where. Is. The. Justice.