Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XVI

Look for the Brad Davison Chronicles trickling out every day until we get all caught up. Just know I am going to be watching closely the grittiest, guttiest, deceptive speediest, Wes Welker-type, high-motored man in America and scour the internet for people who have done him dirty. You’ve been warned. Tweet with caution.

Another top-20 road win for Wisconsin against Penn State and we all have Brad Davison to thank for it. No need to go into his shooting in this one, but the double-double machine went for 11 points and a career-high 13 boards. He also added an assist and a steal. Incredible.

Twitter was moderate for the most part with lots of love but much more hate.

Thanks to all who have participated. Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XVI.

I checked KemPom’s adjusted ratings this morning. Brad Davison is fourth. Sabermetrics are wild.

I make this same face when I don’t exactly trust a fart.

Brad Davison elected to enroll at one of the 18 Division 1 basketball programs that offered a scholarship as a four-star recruit.

I’ve got Brad Davison going #1 on my most recent 2021 NBA Draft mock.

There is only one Brad Davison. One.

I’ll take Brad Davison over Jason Ortiz 1-on-1 any day.

I disagree, but @GoMSUButtboy69 might be the best account name across all social media platforms.

Well said, fuckbrad.

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