Don’t believe Nick Saban email nonsense

Nick Saban went on Instagram Live with ESPN’s Maria Taylor on Wednesday and revealed he is just now starting to use his email address. I think this was more of a joke because I don’t believe as a college football community we are dumb enough to think he actually hasn’t used email.

College football coaches are control freaks, and Saban might be the biggest control freak in the entire sport. You mean to tell me some of the most powerful names in college football cannot immediately go to his email and figure it out?

Here were some of Saban’s words:

“We do Zoom, we do FaceTime. The one positive in this for me is I even have an email now so I’ve come a long way…I can actually get an email now and read what somebody says - I mean, I’ve really come a long way.”

This reminds me of Bill Belichick doing the whole InstaChat Snapface thing. In reality, Belichick is a social media savant, and Saban still remembers the wacky dial up connection sounds with the AOL guy saying, “You’ve got mail” in the stone ages of email.

Saban is going for the aw shucks, country boy ol’ man thing. I’m not falling for it, and neither should you.

Also, here’s a hilarious video of “Nick Saban” trying to set up an email from Joey Mulinaro, possibly the funniest man on the internet right now.