Wisconsin spring sports seniors not coming back

On Thursday, Wisconsin announced spring sports student-athletes in their fourth year of eligibility will not be granted waivers to compete next season, meaning their athletic careers at the university are over. This comes 10 days after the NCAA ruled to allow an additional year of eligibility for all spring sports athletes.

The NCAA did the right thing in allowing an extra year of eligibility for all spring sports athletes and basically left it up to the schools to figure this all out. But it’s not like this was going to be a perfect system regardless trying to figure out roster management and scholarship dollars. For that reason, many athletic departments will likely follow.

More athletes will benefit from Wisconsin’s decision than otherwise whether it’s financially with scholarship money or increased playing time. Yes, this is a major bummer for all the seniors. They geared up for their final season only to see it canceled, then revived, then canceled again. Yikes.

Hopefully they’ll be immediately eligible if they decide to transfer.

According to Madison.com, Wisconsin’s athletic department is already projecting a $4 million shortfall because of the coronavirus with potential for much more than that with the uncertainty of a 2020 college football season.

Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez said this will impact about 35 Wisconsin spring sports seniors.

Photo courtesy of UWBadgers.com