Drew Pearson seeks cyberbullying advice on Mel Tucker

Remember back in the day you’d settle your beef with your rival at the schoolyard? Middle school and high school fights ruled the high school drama for months. Somebody takes your little bro’s lunch money? You better believe you’ll beat his ass. Things run a little differently in 2020 as Drew Pearson is taking his anger for Mel Tucker to the real mean streets.


The former Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl-winning wide receiver’s grandson Toren Pittman signed with Colorado to play linebacker last week. A few days later, Mel Tucker abandoned ship to take over at Michigan State, and Pearson was not pleased.

“So I want to beat him up today on social media. What else can I do?”

That right there is such a funny line that makes me laugh every time I hear it. Drew Pearson crowdsourcing advice of how to cyberbully Mel Tucker. What a moment in Twitter history. We’ve seen some incredible tweets already in this new decade, but this moves into the top 5 in my 2020 tweet power rankings.

Sure it’s not great when you leave after one season, but imagine you’re at a job and somebody offers to double your salary to do the same job at a better company. You’re probably going to take it. Michigan State desperately needed to overpay, making him the 12th highest paid coach in college football despite a 5-7 career record.

Every head coach who took another job at some point said they’re not taking another job, whether it’s to a recruit, the recruits family, somebody in the media or whoever. Everybody gets Old Takes Exposed by this. Remember Nick Saban said he’s not leaving LSU for the Miami Dolphins? Then he said he’s not leaving the Miami Dolphins for Alabama. Guess what? He did both of those things. A few days ago, Tucker said he’s staying at Colorado.

Tucker is also getting torched for saying there’s no transfer portal for life, referring to athletes transferring despite Michigan State being his fourth job since the start of the 2015 season. The transfer portal comment was stupid, but telling people he’s staying at Colorado is not. Recruiting would take a massive hit if Tucker started telling people, “Yeah, I’m actually considering leaving this place, but we’ll see what happens.”

It’s somewhat similar to what’s happening at USC. Nobody knows what to think about Clay Helton and the Trojans just brought in a recruiting class ranked below Northwestern and Vanderbilt.

Until there’s a better system in place, which there isn’t, this is the way it goes. Coaches will come and go as they please despite saying they will never leave.

All we can do is bully them online for it.