Fred Hoiberg is coronavirus-free

Wednesday was among the most wild days I’ve ever seen in 26 years of sports consumption. The NBA season is currently suspended after Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus, and every college basketball conference tournament closed its doors to the fans.

At least I think that’s right, are there any conference tournaments that actually have fans attending at this point? It’s hard to keep track with new updates on Twitter every 5 minutes. Regardless, the day ended with videos of Nebraska head coach Fred Hoiberg looking as miserable as a human can look on the bench.

You can read all the reports from the media who were actually there here, but Hoiberg left the arena to a local hospital emergency room. Meanwhile, Nebraska basketball players were quarantined inside its own locker room in Indianapolis.

Eventually, the team was let go and a little before midnight CST, it was announced Hoiberg was diagnosed with influenza A (common cold).

Hoiberg escaped the coronavirus and for the time being, the non-Ivy League conference tournaments continue on as planned as well as the NCAA Tournament next week. Had he tested positive for the coronavirus, no doubt the NCAA Tournament would’ve been at the very least postponed if not outright canceled.

Wash your hands and stay home if you’re sick.