Kansas State basketball falls to UNLV

Kansas State basketball fell to UNLV Saturday with a score of 58-68. This was the Wildcats’ third loss of the season and the Rebels’ first win of their season.

Reasons for UNLV win

Kansas State and UNLV were two teams that were evenly matched throughout the game. UNLV was able to push ahead of the Wildcats by one point at the half.

UNLV’s ability to be the more aggressive team and hit more three-point shots is what won the Rebels the game. In the final minutes of the game, the Rebels were able to push past the Wildcats. UNLV’s David Jenkins Jr. hit 7 of 13 from three-point range. He also scored a season-high 17 of his 25 points in the second half.

UNLV’s Bryce Hamilton finished with 18 points, eight rebounds and six assists. Caleb Grill also scored 12 points for the Rebels. Late in the game, UNLV’s Antonio Gordon made a 3-pointer and made a layup.

Kansas State’s Mike McGuirl made two free throws to cut the point deficit to 56-53 with 5:55 left to play. McGuirl led the Wildcats with 17 points. K-State’s Nigel Pack added nine points, seven assists and five rebounds.

UNLV was able to just make more shots and more 3-pointers to edge the Rebels past Kansas State.

Reasons for KSU loss

Kansas State loss this game simply because it couldn’t score enough points.

The Wildcats were head-to-head with the Rebels early in the game. They just couldn’t make enough shots when it counted in the final minutes of the game.

Kansas State only made 22-61 of its field goals. The Wildcats shot 36.1% and only made 7 of 24 of their 3-pointers.

How the Wildcats can improve

Kansas State can improve by making more shots and getting inside the lane more. The Wildcats really need to score more points if they want to win games.

Kansas State’s free throw percentage was 77.8%, which is good. However, the Wildcats need to be able to score more points in paint and make more 3-pointers.

In its last few games, Kansas State averaged only 61 points. The Wildcats only scored 58 points in their last three games.

The Wildcats need to able to move the ball down the lane and get inside. They can do this by being more aggressive and going for easier shots. They also need to play with more of a sense of urgency.

It seems the Wildcats are not playing as hard as they could be. They almost seem unmotivated to play, and they need a sense of unity.

This is a young team, but that is not an excuse for the Wildcats to be playing how they have been.

McGuirl needs to step up, being the only senior. He needs to take charge of his team and inspire it to play better. If the does, the team will play better.

Kansas State head coach Bruce Webber can only do so much for his team.

Next game

If Kansas State basketball can improve, it will win its next game against Fort Hays State. This game will be played Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Photo courtesy of KStateSports.com