Kansas State football loses again, will it get a bowl game?

kansas state football

Kansas State football lost its final game of the season when the Texas Longhorns beat the Wildcats 69-31.

Reasons for Texas win

The Longhorns were the better team heading in and were able to beat the Wildcats by 36 points. This was the most points scored on Kansas State by Texas in 13 years.

The K-State Wildcats were down early in the game and were trailing by 14-10 at half. It looked like the Wildcats could have mounted a comeback, but that didn’t happen.

The Longhorns never took their foot of the gas and continued to play well.

Texas running backs were able to stack up 311 on the Wildcats and had six touchdowns. Texas running backs Bijan Robinson and Roschon Johnson were the stars for the Longhorns, averaging 10 yards per attempt.

Reasons for K-State loss

Kansas State’s Deuce Vaughn continued to play well in this game. Vaughn broke the school record for rushing yards by a freshman (517). In the finale, he scored twice and finished with 125 yards.

Kansas State’s defense was big part on its loss to Texas. The Wildcats defense allowed 35 points in the third quarter and 63 points in the game.

Kansas State’s defense has always been a problem this season, but this was embarrassing.

With this loss, Kansas State is looking at its fifth loss in a row this season. The Wildcats were 4-1 in their first five games, but that all changed due to injuries and COVID-19.

When Kansas State quarterback Skyler Thompson got hurt, it took a toll on the season. He was such a big part on why the Wildcats had their big win against Oklahoma. It’s a shame Thompson had to get injured and jeopardize the Wildcats’ season.

Will Howard is a good quarterback for the Wildcats, but he is not better than Thompson. If Thompson wasn’t injured, the Wildcats would have had a better season.

It’s also a shame that the Wildcats had many of their players sick this season. Back early in November, many of K-State’s players had been diagnosed with COVID. This made many of Kansas State’s players not able to play.

This also influenced K-State’s team because it had almost 20 players out sick for two weeks. Most of the players who were out sick were on the practice squad.

Because of this, Kansas State had shorter practices and was not as prepared for games. This is also a reason why Kansas State’s defense has not played well, as it has not had enough players during practice to scrimmage with.

Will K-State be in a bowl game?

With this loss on the last game of the season, the Wildcats have lost six games. However, Kansas State football has the potential to make it to a bowl game later if it is invited. Head coach Chris Klieman has made it apparent that if K-State gets invited, it will attend.

Photo courtesy of KStateSports.com