Kids crying during the NCAA Tournament

There’s so much to miss in a sports-less spring. We don’t know when the next opportunity for a buzzer beater will occur or when the next block-charge debate takes over. Most importantly, we don’t know when we can once again enjoy kids in the stands crying during the closing moments of an NCAA Tournament game.

Cameramen scour the crowd searching for sadness and once they find it, they pounce and cut to the tearful child several times throughout the final minutes.

This was 100% me when I was a youngin’ so showing those types of moments is rude, it’s hurtful, it’s disgusting. Promoting this type of content for your own benefit is low whether these kids are put on TV, social media or sports blogs.

Anyways, here’s a compilation of crying kids during the NCAA Tournament for your enjoyment on my college sports blog that I will later share over multiple social media accounts.

(11) VCU 71, (1) Kansas 61

March 27, 2011
Elite Eight

You cannot wear that on your head and cry at the same time. Pick one or you’ll forever be remembered on the internet. Also, a solid look to the camera from the fella on the right.

(15) Lehigh 75, (2) Duke 70

March 16, 2012
First Round

Crying isn’t always a bad thing. When you’re Lehigh and you beat up on Duke, that’s worth a tear or 2.

(1) Kansas 70, (8) North Carolina 58

March 24, 2013
Second Round

They say you become an adult when you stop crying about sports. I, too, am not quite there yet.

(10) Stanford 60, (2) Kansas 57

March 23, 2014
Second Round

Sure a 2 seed shouldn’t lose in the second round, but cmon, you’re cheering for Kansas. Jayhawks will be in the Final Four discussion for the next 60 years of your life.

(8) Kentucky 78, (1) Wichita State 76

March 23, 2014
Second Round

March 23, 2014 turned out to be a great day for NCAA Tournament crying. No way around this one. If you call yourself a Wichita State fan and didn’t cry after this, you are not a Wichita State fan. Shockers didn’t make the Sweet 16 and will never be a 1 seed ever again.

kids crying ncaa tournament

(8) NC State 71, (1) Villanova 68

March 21, 2015
Second Round

Ahh yes, the piccolo girl. Despite top-seeded Villanova’s surprising loss to the Wolfpack, she brings in a lil’ school spirit through the tears. Gamer.

kids crying ncaa tournament

(10) Syracuse 70, (7) Dayton 51

March 18, 2016
First Round

Poor guy. I can only imagine how this fella handled the best Dayton team ever with the best player in the country not even getting a shot in the 2020 NCAA Tournament.

kids crying ncaa tournament

(5) Indiana 73, (4) Kentucky 67

March 19, 2016
Second Round

Clear copycat system from the saxophone girl. Piccolo girl will always be #1 in my heart.

kids crying ncaa tournament

(1) Gonzaga 79, (8) Northwestern 73

March 18, 2017
Second Round

This fella lives and dies by every Northwestern possession. His Wildcats started up a basketball team in 1904 and appeared in their first NCAA Tournament in 2017. On that pace, the next time Northwestern is dancin’ comes in 2130.

kids crying ncaa tournament

(11) Syracuse 60, (11) Arizona State 56

March 14, 2018
First Four

No excuse for this. Cry during the Final Four, not the First Four.

(11) Loyola-Chicago 63, (3) Tennessee 62

March 17, 2018
Second Round

It’s a tough loss, but there’s no shame in falling to Sister Jean.

kids crying ncaa tournament

(7) Nevada 75, (2) Cincinnati 73

March 18, 2018
Second Round

Incredibly cry worthy. You cannot give up a 22-point lead and expect your most diehard youngins to not get the eyes watering.

After a big showing from crying fans in the 2018 NCAA Tournament, I found nothing from last year’s tournament. Either people were far less sad in 2019 or TV broadcasts shied away from the emotional youngsters.

Better luck in 2021, kids.