Meet Big 12 football writer Rory McGowan

Howdy folks! My name is Rory James McGowan, and I will be telling you why the Big 12 is the toughest and the most entertaining football conference to watch this football season. If you don’t know me (which a lot of you shouldn’t. If you did that’d be weird…) I am a 23-year-old senior that will be graduating this December from Texas Tech University! I major in advertising and minor in creative media industries, so you may ask yourself, “Why is this guy telling me about football?”

Well friends, I have been watching Big 12 football for most of my life. See I come from Corpus Christi, Texas about 3 hours south of Austin, Texas and I grew up a Texas Longhorn fan. In my family there were two things to gather for, Texas Longhorn football and Houston Astros baseball.

I witnessed Vince Young rush that tight corner in the Rose Bowl to win the national championship. I saw Colt McCoy rise to greatness only to be taken down by the air raid in 2008, but we’ll get to that later… The point is folks, I’ve seen enough college football in my life for me to say, confidently, I know college football, and I’ve seen enough Big 12 football to say, I love Big 12 football.

So, did you get all of that? Rory McGowan, Big 12 football, Corpus Christi, Texas Tech Red Raiders. Cool see y’all later.