Meet TCU football writer David Schumacher

tcu football david schumacher

Born To Be A Husker

Growing up in Nebraska, you’re taught to worship football as though it is a religion. Here in the Midwest with a state whose population is the 12th lowest in the country, football just means more. My name is David Schumacher, and I cover Nebraska football and basketball along with football for the Horned Frogs of TCU.

Currently, I am attending THE University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Advertising and Public Relations. Like many other college students, I suffer from a sadness that can only be cured by tailgates, college football and Natural Light. Though here in Nebraska we have to wait a little longer for the chants of “Husker Power” to return.

In Nebraska, you’re not given many options for teams to root for. There are no pro teams and we only have a single Division 1 university. I was brought up a Cornhusker; waking up on cool Saturdays in October hearing “Dear Ole Nebraska U” echoing throughout the house was a normal affair. As a result of my heritage, I’ve been taught three things to live by; Tom Osborne is the GOAT, the 95′ Huskers are the best ever and to hate the Colorado Buffaloes.

When the Huskers departed from the Big 12 in 2010, it left a bad taste in many Husker fans’ mouths. Leaving behind the great rivalries that people around the country became so fond of did not bode well with anyone. Even though it has been nearly 10 years since our departure, I haven’t forgotten my roots and the Big 12 holds a special place in my heart.

Returning To My Roots

I first began following Horned Frogs football after their 2010 campaign in which they went undefeated during the regular season, capped off by a Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin. When TCU joined the Big 12 in 2012, I felt an even greater connection to the team in purple and white. Horned Frogs Nation allows for me to root against all the teams I loved to hate all those years ago.

Gary Patterson has worked his way into being a favorite coach of mine. The teams he produces are some of the most enjoyable to watch in CFB. Patterson has engineered a dangerous squad in Fort Worth, Texas for this upcoming season. With all the returning talent and a little bit of luck, I hope to cover what is looking to be a great season for TCU.

The 2020 college football season is almost upon us. However, if the offseason is any indication of what is ahead, this may be one of the most interesting seasons in decades. Let’s pray the football gods have mercy on us and the season gets kicked off without a hitch. COVID is coming, hopefully the Big 12 can do what apparently the Big Ten cannot and the season can kick off without any more delay. College football holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans. Without it what are we supposed to do with our Saturdays, study?

Husker Nation will return in due time. Until that time comes Riff, Ram, Bah, Zoo. Lickety, Lickety, Zoo, Zoo. Who, Wah, Wah, Who. Give ’em Hell, TCU!