Meet Notre Dame football writer Claire Frego


My name is Claire Frego. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and attend the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Being a sports fanatic, I am thrilled to be a part of the Deceptive Speed team and contribute to the passion we all have for college football. This season, I will be writing for Notre Dame football. Growing up in a house that bled blue and gold, I have always been proud to be a ND fan. My father and two oldest brothers attended Notre Dame, making it quite impossible to not look forward to game days in the fall. I attribute my love for college football to the days I spent celebrating tough victories, witnessing touchdowns and engaging in crowd interactions at Notre Dame Stadium.

My Story

When it came to my college decision, I knew I was going to break my family’s tradition of spending four years in South Bend. I was looking for a school that was not too far from home, but enough to where I would feel challenged and be able to create my own identity. That being said, I started my college journey at Dayton in 2017. Although UD is not a football school, their basketball team is to be reckoned with. I saw this as an opportunity to branch out my knowledge of sports, as I was not as familiar with the college basketball scene. Now, as a senior, I can say the past three years have shaped me into a more well-rounded individual. Majoring in Media Production, I have used resources on campus to broaden my understanding of the film industry. For example, I have taken part in Flyer TV, a student-ran media station, as well taken several broadcasting classes. Currently, I am working on creating a documentary with other UD students. The exposure I have received at Dayton will allow me to reach my goal of working in the sports industry. My dream job is to be a ESPN sideline reporter. With positivity, hard work and dedication, I believe anything is possible. With that being said, I cannot wait to watch myself grow into a better sports writer this season. Can the season start already?!