Meet Mississippi State, Colorado football writer Colin Bailey

Hey Bulldog and Buffalo fans, welcome to your one-stop-shop for everything Mississippi State and Colorado football. My name is Colin Bailey and I’m a Los Angeles native and currently a Junior Journalism Major and Sports Media Minor at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Here you will find pregame previews, post-game analysis, recruiting updates, injury updates, opinion pieces or pretty much everything you need to know to impress your friends.

Thanks to the SEC planning on playing football, I will be doing full-season coverage for the Bulldogs. We will see if the new on-campus PAC-12 duo of head coach Mike Leach and quarterback KJ Costello can overcome East Coast bias and compete with the big boys in the SEC. A brand new offense and all the questions and concerns due to COVID-19 surrounding the upcoming season will be a fascinating journey to follow this season.

Unfortunately, on the flip side, the PAC-12 currently has no plans to play football this fall. That means Colorado football is currently on pause, but that does not mean the news is. The PAC-12 is placing its teams in a prolonged offseason, meaning that the teams are still allowed to practice following safety regulations. For the Buffs this fall, we will be looking at what-if scenarios such as what if Colorado played the schedule the PAC-12 scheduled them to play. As well as following everything else Colorado football-related.

Now here is a little information more about me. Football was basically the first language spoken to me. I grew up in sunny Los Angeles, California, and I’ve been going to UCLA football games at the Rose Bowl since I was in my mother’s womb. I‘ve seen everything from Karl Dorell’s time as head coach of the Bruins to Jim Mora’s Bruin Revolution and now Chip Kelly’s so far disappointing tenure in Westwood. I even went to ESPN’s College GameDay in Eugene, Oregon in 2013 when UCLA traveled up north to face the Ducks. Now I’m out in Boulder, Colorado studying Journalism and stampeding through Folsom Field with my girl Ralphie on Saturdays.

As a football fan, I’ve been apart of some absolutely incredible moments and have experienced memories that will last a lifetime.

Noteworthy football games I’ve attended

  • 1/1/15 Oregon 59, Florida State 20 at the Rose Bowl and was the first College Football Playoff semifinal game ever played.
  • 9/3/16 UCLA 24, Texas A&M 31 OT game at Kyle Field.
  • 9/3/17 Texas A&M, 44 UCLA 45 at the Rose Bowl and was the second largest comeback in NCAA football history.
  • 11/19/18 Kansas City Chiefs 51, Los Angeles Rams 54 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and was the highest-scoring Monday night football game in NFL history.
  • 9/7/19 Nebraska 31, Colorado 34 OT game at Folsom Field where kicker James Stefanou hit the game-winning field goal in overtime and the students stormed the field

I’m eagerly excited for the upcoming football season and am even more excited about the opportunity to be your Mississippi State and Colorado football writer. Cheers to a brand new football season and stay safe out there!