NFL Draft watch parties are WILD


Absolutely electric.

I’m all about the live shots at bars during sporting events. We’re going to see tons of that with the NBA and NHL Playoffs coming up, and I love seeing that on TV. My dream is to one day get in on one of those live bar shots. Very high on my bucket list. Shoot for the stars, I know.

To my knowledge, this is the first time the NFL Draft has experimented with something like this. I think it has potential to be a fun thing, but we’ve got to clean it up a bit.

The major obvious flaw is the delay you get with showing those live shots. It’s like Selection Sunday when the entire team is staring at the screen for 10 seconds before the players finally realize they’re on TV.

Showing fans that are actually on site at the NFL Draft is a cool thing to see, but that’s because they know they’re on TV with a camera in their face, so they get all nuts and it makes for fun scene. Perhaps ya could give the patrons a heads up like hey you’re about to be on TV. Get wild. Like everything in life, communication is key.

If you’re going to set up a camera to catch reactions of the bar folk watching the draft, have a better sense of what the atmosphere is going to be that night. Bar owners need to be trusted in what they’re expecting. The scene at Ann Arbor was a complete disaster.

Also, is the NFL Draft much of a “get the fellas together” type of sporting event? Not really in my experience unless I should just consider getting better friends. And bars may not be as filled on Thursday nights, so maybe ESPN thought America was drunker than it really is. Easy mistake.

The only solid performance so far has been Iowa, which doesn’t even have a NFL team. Just there to hammer Busch Lights and going nuts for tight ends. The most Iowa thing I have ever seen.

The concept of the live bar shots was a good one, but the execution was poor. We can do better. Back to the drawing board for 2020.

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