Oklahoma football needs to regroup vs. Iowa State

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After Oklahoma football suffered a devastating loss for the second year in a row to the Kansas State Wildcats, the Sooners are heading to Ames, Iowa this weekend to take on the Iowa State Cyclones.

Following the Sooners’ lackluster performance last weekend, many fans are wondering what will be next for OU. After a press conference with Oklahoma defensive coordinator Alex Grinch where he stated the defense is not “elite” and nowhere near performing at the level it should be, it is uncertain how the Sooner D will take the field this upcoming weekend.

Iowa State gave Oklahoma problems in the past, more specifically last year when the Cyclones came back and almost beat the Sooners. OU’s defense needs to come out with far more intensity and drive than it did when playing against Kansas State.

The solution to the problem on the surface seems fairly simple - Oklahoma’s defense needs to play with far more intensity than what we witnessed last week. However, when looking at it deeper, that is not the only thing that needs to be done. Last week we witnessed OU’s offense (one of the best in the country may I remind you) seem to struggle as well.

The confidence that radiated off starting quarterback Spencer Rattler in Week 1 wasn’t the same confidence we saw last week. Throwing three interceptions, Rattler gave Sooner nation a humbling reminder he really is still a rookie player. On top of that, the OU offensive line did not look nearly up to par with how it typically does.

If OU really intends on beating the Cyclones in its first road game of the season, both the Sooner offense as well as the defense need to play as if this is an opportunity, not a privilege.

From the beginning of this college football season, it has been clear all across the board this season will be far different from the rest. It appears a lot of players are not nearly as motivated to play their hardest as they have been in the past. That is OU’s biggest problem. It had been made pretty apparent this team is equipped to be one of the best in the nation. The only thing Sooner football really seems to be lacking majorly is the motivation to play its hardest.

Last week’s loss seemed to be a very humbling moment for the young team, and head coach Lincoln Riley will have a much different team as far as energy goes this weekend in Ames. If the Sooners come out and play how we have previously witnessed, they should have no issues coming out of this weekend with a win.

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