Oklahoma football: Sooners get a much-needed road win

oklahoma football

Oklahoma football was on the road in Fort Worth this weekend, and it did not disappoint. The Sooners beat the TCU Horned Frogs 33-14, a much needed statement win on the road.

Oklahoma looked solid and organized from the start playing a lot better on both sides of the ball. It has been said all season about this Sooners team that it is young and inexperienced in certain positions. Yesterday, the Sooners looked like the Sooners everyone was expecting at the beginning of the season with a few mistakes here and there. Oklahoma also did not turn the ball over yesterday, which had been a problem in there previous games.


This Oklahoma offense is on the verge of something we have been seeing for the past four years - totally dominant, setting its own pace for the game and scoring at will. Spencer Rattler was not only much more calm in the pocket but his protection from the Sooners offensive line was much better. This offensive line has been key in this Lincoln Riley offense since he was named head coach. Since the Texas game, this offensive line has improved dramatically, and that is because of the addition of UCLA offensive lineman transfer, Chris Murray. As soon as he was subbed in the game, Oklahoma broke out for a big run play following his blocks.

Once this offensive line finds their set starters, Rattler will continue his greatness. Rattler is the only quarterback among all Power 5 quarterbacks to throw for eight touchdowns on passes 20-plus yards down the field, and he is only a freshman. Rattler was 13 for 22 with 332 yards passing and two touchdowns with no turnovers for a big step in this young quarterback’s development.

The Sooners also found their next possible playmaker in another freshman wide receiver named Marvin Mims. Mims had four receptions for 132 yards and two touchdowns. Lastly, the Oklahoma football run game is finding its groove after all the running backs the Sooners had lost. T.J. Pledger had 22 carries for 122 yards and a touchdown while yet another freshman Seth McGowan had 11 carries for 41 yards. This offense is on its way.

The only two negatives from this Sooners offense is it has struggled to really break out a lead when it has the ball and leading by two scores. Against both Texas and TCU, Oklahoma’s defense had done its job shutting out both teams in the first quarter and a majority of the second, allowing the offense to come out and extend the lead and really hit the gas.

Oklahoma football went up 17-7 at half and had multiple chances to get the ball in the end zone and begin to really stretch that lead in the second half but had to settle with field goals. If this offense could over that hump, it would be blowing teams out and would have a zero in the loss column. Secondly, the read option with Rattler is not working and may never work. The past couple years, Riley had Jalen Hurts and Kyler Murray who were both fast and shifty enough to run the read option multiple times on the drive. Rattler is not a runner like them and Lincoln should toss out that play unless they are deep in the red zone.


This defense is a rollercoaster but the past two games, it has done its job and has done it very well with a lot of heart. Oklahoma’s defense shut out TCU in the first quarter and only allowed two more touchdowns for the rest of the game. This defensive front line is really starting to emerge. Isaiah Thomas, Perrion Winfrey and LaRon Stokes have really stepped up on the front lines for this Oklahoma defense.

Oklahoma’s defense had three sacks and nine tackles for a loss. Granted, TCU had some new guys on the offensive line but definitely had weapons, and Max Duggan is a threat on his feet. The Sooners secondary did another great job on TCU’s receivers but again, Duggan proved he is not a throwing quarterback right now but if a player is open then a quarterback should be able to get them the ball. It seemed like no one was able to get open.

This Sooners’ defense is finding its way but there is one player who I just don’t understand what is going on with him. Brendan Radley-Hiles, a highly recruited five star defensive back, has just played awful with his time here at Oklahoma. He had eight solo tackles on Saturday but he just has plays and missed tackles in games where it makes you sit and think what the heck was he doing?

He’s a hot head whose emotions can get the best of him and is not a very big defensive back, which makes him a liability with big receivers every single time. The man has heart and I respect it all the way, but defensive coordinator Alex Grinch has to make adjustments or give a younger guy a shot and see what he can do unless Hiles just plays out of his mind for the rest of the season.

Be on the watch for this Oklahoma football team because it is gaining momentum and wants its redemption. Next up is Texas Tech.

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