The Scheme documentary preview

Remember when the FBI spent 3 years investigating whether or not there is corruption in college basketball? Well, there’s a documentary about the scandal called The Scheme, and it comes out tonight on HBO.

This was scheduled at a time when we’re supposed to be gearing up for the Final Four, but we’ll settle for this instead. This appears to be the Christian Dawkins story. He’s the middleman, a young fella facing jail time after being convicted of bribery and fraud.

When the FBI came in to bust some of college basketball’s bad boys if you want to call them that, 10 people were arrested and only one head coach lost his job and that was Rick Pitino, who recently returned to the sport with Iona. Plenty of allegations came out about LSU head coach Will Wade and Arizona’s Sean Miller. Both are still with their teams.

Some media members received an advanced copy and reviewed the entire documentary. Twitter DMs are open, HBO, so you know where to reach me for next time. I don’t want to spoil anything for myself, so I didn’t read those, but apparently there is never-before-heard audio coming out that’s pretty bad for Wade, who we already know is on recording saying he made a “strong ass offer” for a recruit.

Will this change anything moving forward? Does the NCAA find new information worthy of punishment? After also being a big part of the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix, is Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel turning into a movie star?

I think we’ll learn quite a bit tonight when the magic begins at 8:00 CST. I’ll be dialing up a free 7-day trial for this one.