Watch this Auburn football transfer body slam police officer

You ever get so day drunk that you pick up a police officer and try to body slam him? Probably not because you’re not that drunk and you’re not that strong. Michael Harris is an Auburn football transfer and currently a redshirt sophomore linebacker for Eastern Kentucky, and he found himself in some trouble on Monday afternoon.

10TV WBNS was the first to obtain the video.

First of all, nobody was injured, so that’s great.

Secondly, it is painfully obvious Harris is inexperienced as a body slammer and did not watch the WWE growing up. Harris had a clean opportunity to use all his force, but instead he regathers himself and the officer nearly lands it on his feet. You do not double clutch in the body slam game, and that cost Harris big time.

Also the police officer needs to know the low man always wins, and that’s where Harris had the edge. He used his experience on the football field to his advantage in the scuffle, which is an example of coaching great technique. Gus Malzahn should be proud.

Going high leads to you being in this position, and that’s not what you want.

According to the news station, Harris is facing a felony charge of assault and misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct while intoxicated. The story says police were called to a business because of a disturbance with an aggressive man who did not work there and did not leave. Officers said Harris was intoxicated and did not know where he was and did not know anybody in the area.

I haven’t seen any comment from the Eastern Kentucky football team, but trying to body slam a police officer likely is a violation of team rules.

UPDATE: Five minutes after publishing this, Eastern Kentucky suspended Harris.