Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XXIV

It’s a marathon edition of the Brad Davison Chronicles, so check back here all day long. Just know I’m still watching out for the grittiest, guttiest, deceptive speediest, Wes Welker-type, high-motored man in America and scouring the internet for people who have done him dirty. You’ve been warned. Tweet with caution.

Minnesota fans went after Brad Davison pretty hard, but we turn the page to Ohio State. Davison gave an incredibly wise quote leading up to this one and something everyone should consider moving forward.

So true. So motivating. So inspirational. Such a champion.

Days after a wild night in Minneapolis, it was mostly quiet on anti-Brad Davison front in a win over the Buckeyes. He did his thing once again with 4 points and splashed 2 out of his 7 field goals like nobody’s business. His 1:0 assist: turnover ratio is something we’ll be talking about for years to come.

Thanks to all who participated. Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XXIV.

This was ruled a charge. Brad Davison still can’t get a call.

Sideline reporter’s feet were moving. Block.

No, but it’s hard to not appreciate his work in White Men Can’t Jump.

Why do we have to bring looks into this?

By on the court, do you mean off the court? If so, I’d agree.

I tripped once, Evan. It hurt. Please be more sensitive to tripping victims like myself.

Romance and poetry died in a single tweet.

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